Custom Monogram & Event Lighting

Custom Monogram & Event Lighting

We pioneered uplighting & lightscaping here in South Florida and have perfected our craft.                                                                          


Uplighting is an ambient wash type of lighting. Lightscaping consists of many different types of lighting: wireless pin-spotting, textured lighting, static and / or moving lighting, and personalized monogram
& logo lighting. We do it all!   


Creativity with design and a detailed eye specific to lighting placement is incredibly important. Lighting is used to creatively produce and move a room's atmosphere from "the ballroom looks lovely" to "the ballroom looks


Lightscaping will instantly WOW your guests and add elegance to magically transform your celebration into a memorable scene they'll never forget! 


Professional personalized monogram lighting is in high demand among today's couples. Our monogrammed lighting is 100% personalized to your desire.  


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